3 Adorable Winnie The Pooh Movies That Will Warm Your Heart

3 Adorable Winnie The Pooh Movies That Will Warm Your Heart

Winnie the Pooh is the animated stuffed Teddy Bear who everyone remembers and loves. With his distinctive red shirt, comforting voice, and love for honey, this bear has delighted and charmed both adults and children everywhere with his bumbly nature and adorable ways – as well as his loveable cast of stuffed animal friends who everyone similarly loves!

Originating from a book (that you can find in children’s bookstores and book publishers such as the binary MLM plan Barefoot Books), the tales of Pooh bear and his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods are as timeless as they come. binary mlm plan can’t help but fall in love with this honey-loving bear and his warm-hearted ways, and dream of one day waking up to see their own stuffed animals walking and talking and inviting them for whimsical adventures in their own Hundred Acre Woods. And with timeless stories come many movies, for simply no one can get enough of Pooh and his friends!

So for those who love Winnie The Pooh, here are 3 adorable Winnie the Pooh movies that will warm your heart!

1. Piglet’s Big Movie

This adorable movie shows audiences that size and strength don’t matter in terms of your worth. The film follows Piglet, a small pink piglet and one of Pooh’s closest friends, struggling to help and gain recognition for all of the things he did in the Hundred Acre Woods. Feeling sad and underappreciated, Piglet wanders away – and when his friends notice he’s gone missing, fear the worst and venture out to search for him.

To help their search, the Pooh friends find Piglet’s scrapbook; wherein he detailed most of their adventures in the Hundred Acre Woods. Seeing these adventures from Piglet’s perspective, the friends realize just how little they’d given Piglet the respect and appreciation he deserved; feeling guilty, they later go to his house and fill it with drawings showing appreciation for their missing friend. The movie ends on a heartwarming note; with Piglet being brought home and shown all the pictures, finally feeling cared for and loved.

2. The Tigger Movie

The Tigger Movie is another film that primarily stars one of Pooh’s classic and oldest friends – the bouncy and chipper tiger, Tigger. Tigger, as frequently heard in a line from his famous song, is ‘the only one’ of his kind; something that he used to take great pride in. But when he fails to find someone to bounce with among his busy friends, Tiigger grows sad and lonely; feeling as though no one truly understands him within his friends and longing to find someone like him. When he consults the wise Owl for knowledge, Owl tells him about family trees – Tigger, incorrectly assuming he means a real tree, goes out with Roo in search of the ‘Tigger Tree’.

When they turn up without having found anything, Tigger becomes dejected. In an effort to cheer him up, Tigger’s friends dress up as Tigger and pretend to be his family – while Tigger is first delighted by this, he eventually feels betrayed by the deception and storms off into a snowstorm. After a series of dangerous escapades, Tigger finally returns and realizes that the Pooh friends are his family; and takes a picture with them as a ‘family photo’.

3. Springtime With Roo

A film that takes notable inspiration from the Christmas Carol, Springtime With Roo follows the Pooh friends as they excitedly get ready for Easter. However, Rabbit, another old friend of Pooh, instead insists on the importance of Spring Cleaning; having felt unwanted and excluded from his role as the Easter Bunny the year before. When the friends decorate Rabbit’s house without his permission in an attempt to bring him back to the magic of Easter, Rabbit becomes angry to the point of kicking them out of his house.

The narrator, now involving himself in Rabbit’s exploits, leads him to the future of the Hundred Acre Woods; wherein everything is spic and span as Rabbit wants it but also where all his friends have moved away due to his selfishness. Deeply regretting his behavior, Rabbit wakes up in the present and starts preparing the best Easter Hunt ever, surprising and delighting his friends.

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