Anime Merchandise And Its Impacts

Anime Merchandise And Its Impacts

Many countries and cultures have some sort of anime adaptation and it is popular all over the world. Every place you can think of has anime, be it in Germany, Sweden or the United States. Anime has a wide variety of shows and some shows are tailored to each culture, for example, some TV shows you can watch might be anime. An example of this would be the anime “Naruto”, you might see it on your television at home, but it’s actually a dubbed version of the animation that airs from Japan. There are many popular anime shows that are dubbed and shown in the United States due to their great popularity.

Emotional arousal

 One of the reasons the anime is so popular is because of something called “emotional arousal”. This event can bring a sense of feeling to almost anyone, whether it’s humour, feeling sad or even frustrating them. This event awakens the emotions of the viewers and can make people feel certain emotions, that’s why anime can be a lot. 

Types of anime versions

There are many different types of anime versions around the world, some are anime based, and some of these versions are split into secondary markets like comic versions and video game versions. In today’s society there are many people who are influenced by anime and actually do cosplay, or dress up as an anime character they like. The anime is shown in all countries as a regular TV show due to its great popularity, a children’s cartoon you can watch may end up being just a dubbed version of the Japanese anime. There are many different types of people who are influenced by anime, and with each person comes a different hobby, some cosplay and some actually collect anime merchandise. Because the anime is so popular, it has an impact on the world in a way we wouldn’t have shown.

Genres in anime 

Like any other type of movie or show, there are many different types of genres in anime and for every type of person. However, even within anime there are unique types of genres limited only to anime. Anime has a certain type of art unlike American cartoons. Anime creators were heavily influenced by the early eras of Disney characters, such as Snow White, Mickey Mouse, and Betty Boop. The anime has evolved a lot since the first movie was made. The anime arrived in the United States in a unique way, during a science fiction convention. Anime has a great influence on society today, including cosplay, conventions, and product collection. The anime genre is very popular among kids. The animated movies give birth to anime merchandise. Anime merchandise are favourite of the kids therefore, like anime merchandise printed on their shirts and school bags. Therefore, Malaysia’s top anime merchandise are very popular among kids.

Impact of anime on our behaviour

The animation does not only have negative effects on the behaviour of the kids. The animation movies on positive topics may have positive impacts on the behaviour of kids.

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