Don’t Ruin Your Website Because of Typography

Don’t Ruin Your Website Because of Typography


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Never, ever ignore the words in your website. Words are the most important as it helps to deliver the important message to the audience and also it is the thing that conquers the biggest space on your website.

The truth is, every day we need to perceive many words from all different sources. Most of the people would not like to see a group of a word in every new content. Therefore, it is very important to have a professional word count limits and also the design of the text. Website nowadays will never reduce, it will only increase day by day. Each and every website are constantly seeking for new creativity to stand out from the crowd.

As well all know that there are many different types of psychology like mental psychology, clinical psychology and many more. No surprise, font psychology exists too! So let’s see why typography matter so much as part of the design part in your website. Typography helps to create a unique look for the website.

Steps To Take Note Of

First you need to mind your font size. Usually those word that we highlight to a bigger font size are those important key message we wanted deliver to the audience.

Not only increasing the font size but also some website will change the font style to different design. It is highly recommended to do so, but be mindful that it is readable. Yes, we all love to try new style, but make sure it is readable and not overly use of the design, end up becoming a mess. Remember, Clear, Clean and Simple is what never goes wrong.

Next is font spacing. Make sure your text is readable especially the word spacing needs to be wide enough between each word. When people find very hard to read the words in the website, do not expect them to stay long or even return for the second time.

Sometimes the most common thing is the thing that matters the most. Make sure to pay full attention to every small detail in web design Malaysia to avoid disappointing all your hard work in decorating the website.

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