How To Ensure A “mobile-friendly” Website?

How To Ensure A “mobile-friendly” Website?

Mobile-Friendly Website

Nowadays, people are looking for “speed” product and services in their life. Therefore, having a mobile friendly website is very important if you want your website to stand out from the crowd.

Reasons Why It’s Important

So, why is mobile friendly website so important actually? Do you know that according to research, there are 77% of the adult around the world that owns a smartphone and 72% of them are demanding on the mobile friendly website? Nobody willing to purposely take their time and open their laptop and scroll for just a website, usually people will just scroll through the websites using their smartphones, it is way more convenient. The places you put your SEO keyword is important too!

Having a mobile friendly website will help to boost recognition for your website and also deepening the bond between customer which has a huge impact on your business. Have you ever entered to any websites that is not accessible and it annoys you so much especially when you wanting to do purchasing on a certain website urgently? I am sure you do and so does everyone.

In order to make your website generate smoothly, you must include Viewport Metatag in your website to function. Viewport Metatag will help your website generate easier and control your website to function smoothly and making sure it is accessible at any time.

Second, no flash. Flash software will harm your SEO Malaysia by slowing down your page speed and also most of the old version smartphone series will not be able to access. Plus, not everyone is able to switch to the latest model constantly. Do check out for more SEO tips!

Third, larger your website’s button size. It will be easier for people to click especially on the payment page. Don’t lie we all have the insecurity when we are not sure whether we have successfully clicked on the “done” button or not on the payment page.

Fourth, compress your website’s images and CSS. Always ensure your website’s images quality are high in all type of device. Last but not least, ensure the text always fits in even in a rotate mode.

It is necessary to make sure your web design Malaysia are created professionally. Since already created a website, why not try on making it to the best?

Boost your website with UX web design now!

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