Internet Censorship and The Purpose

Internet censorship is a restriction placed on the internet so that there are certain types of content that cannot be accessed and uploaded. This method is considered effective to limit users from inappropriate content or to protect copyright.

Internet censorship can be done privately or on a large scale. If it is done privately, for example, parents limit their children’s internet consumption. Meanwhile, on a large scale, internet censorship is carried out by the government. Each internet censor has its own goals and interests.

The True Purpose of Internet Censorship

First and foremost, many people can access the internet so easily. Although this is a very helpful discovery and has a positive impact, it is undeniable that the internet is also very easy to abuse. Therefore, the governments of several countries in the world implement internet censorship. Although many support this step, not a few are against it.

Then, internet censorship is carried out with the aim of protecting copyrighted information and minimizing crimes committed in cyberspace. In addition, internet censorship also has the aim of avoiding the spread of fake news or hoaxes and misleading propaganda. Because the internet is getting easier to get, then some of the things above are very vulnerable to happen.


After that, when talking about internet censorship on a small scale, internet censorship usually carried out by parents usually aims to prevent children from internet content that is not appropriate for their age. For example, content that contains immorality, violence, and so on.

Some Conflicting Opinions About Internet Censorship

In addition to the opinion and facts stated above, censorship is there because more and more negative things are uploaded to the internet, many parties agree that censorship is carried out. The goal is mainly to protect young people from being exposed to things that they shouldn’t. But on the other hand, this is considered a violation of the freedom of individuals to access anything on the internet on their own initiative.

Censorship Could Be Utilized To Sway People Opinions 

If internet censorship is carried out nationally, suspicion will arise of political manipulation, propaganda, and oppression of the people. They will feel that something is being covered up and the people are being led in a certain direction that the state wants. All opinions are right and wrong. 

Besides that, the internet could be used as a tool to sway people’s opinions or mindset. Take Twitter for example, how many of those have been influenced by certain mindset and opinions. 

Internet Works Certain Way With Internet Censorship 

Generally, as the information stated above, the basic layer of an IT system consists of connectivity of sensors and networks to collect information. This layer is an important part of the internet system and has network connectivity to the next layer, which is the gateway and network layer. Through this censorship, you would see the Internet works in a certain way in which they seal some important information or classified information. 

In Conclusion 

Is internet censorship needed? Well, maybe it is. However, there is a limit to the censorship. Jom Apply Time gives the best and fast internet connection. Surf with no worries. 

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