Picking The Most Suitable Colour for Your Website

Picking The Most Suitable Colour for Your Website

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Life is boring when there is no colour involved. Colour is the first visual focus of human. Children feels happy and easily get attracted when they see colourful objects so as adult. When we see something that is colourful, we people will have the intention and desire to explore more.

Just like our primary school, we often see different colour images painted on the wall. Same goes to website, choosing the right colour to represent the business are same as choosing the right company name for a business.

Steps to Picking The Right Colour

The beginning is always the most confusing part, many different question pops up in our mind like “what colour should we use for the headline and the background”, “how to combine all the different colour together and make it look comfortable to stare for long” etc. The reason we concern the most part is the part that have a huge impact in the website as it  is in the obvious position of the website.

Different colour have different meaning. For example, what colour pops up on your mind when you heard the word of “sky”? Immediately you will think about blue colour, that is called human emotional response. Blue signifies of calm and secure, yellow signifies of optimistic and happiness, white signifies of clean and purity, black signifies of classy and mysterious, green signifies of harmony and health, purple signifies of royal and determine, orange signifies of welcoming and creativeness and pink signifies of feminine and sweet.

Another example is Coca-Cola. Everyone knows Coca-Cola are using red as their company colour. What do you think about red colour? Definitely happiness, joy, fast and furious, passion right? By choosing the best colour to represent your business, high chance to leave a memorable brand image on customer’s mind.

According to human philosophy, picking the wrong colour will raise out our metaphysical issue, epistemological issue and semantic issue. Colour that are too bright or too dark will be difficult for us to see.

The most common colour uses for background colour in the website is white, simple yet eye comforting. Therefore, it is important to choose web design Malaysia wisely.  Always seek for the professional tips from any supplier that nears you.

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