Plasticizers for concrete and cement: types, compositions

Plasticizers for concrete and cement: types, compositions

A polycarboxylate superplasticizer, known as a superplasticizer, is a chemical additive that is used when well-suspended particles are needed. The use of this additive in building mixes and in concrete can reduce the ratio of water to cement. This dramatically improves the technical characteristics of concrete. The use of polycarboxylate superplasticizers can improve the workability of the concrete mix; increase the strength of concrete; reduce the porosity of concrete; to increase the durability of concrete, as well as enable the production of self-compacting concrete and concrete of increased strength.

Why choose polycarboxylate superplasticizer?

  1. Ideally maintains the slump of the concrete mix for 1-3 hours
  2. Reduced production costs as a result of the need for a lower dosage compared to other water-reducing additives with the same technical characteristics.
  3. High plasticizing effect
  4. Improvement of concrete mix mobility.
  5. A significant increase in the strength and durability of concrete
  6. Economy of cement with equal strength and durability
  7. Environmentally friendly (without the use of formaldehyde and
  8. benzene ) 
  9. Improvement in the quality of construction as a result of a low coefficient of shrinkage of concrete.

Specialized research and development has led to the emergence of new types of polycarboxylate superplasticizers. The new products outperform traditional ones in terms of water reduction, retention of workability, shrinkage, not to mention other parameters. With the new technology it is possible to create polymers for different types of cements, but this also means that each polymer structure behaves differently in different cements.

New types of products have been successfully used for the production of concrete, both ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete. In these applications, the use of polycarboxylate Malaysia superplasticizers is a prerequisite for the rheological properties of the liquefied self-compacting concrete mixture.

The technology develops further, now there are polycarboxylates in powder form. This means optimizing the product as well as the properties of the different types of mortars. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to change the formulation of the solutions, but the performance properties of the new products are worth it.

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