The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Urban Living

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Urban Living

Several people who have never lived in a major city but have always wanted to finally submit to the pull of city life and end up living in a much more crowded and congested location than they had in the suburbs. While there are many individuals who would like to relocate to the city, it is not for everyone. It’s not like life in the suburbs or in a small town, and it goes at a considerably quicker speed. Living in a major metropolis, like any other area, has benefits and drawbacks that must be considered before opting to leave the suburbs for the bright lights of the city. Hence, if you are planning to move to a city like Ara Damansara and live the urban life, here are some benefits and drawbacks to give you basic insight to the city life.

Benefits of Urban Living

Higher salaries.

Employers are usually willing to pay more, despite the high costs of living in the city. This is why many suburbanites travel to the city for better salary while still living in affordable homes. Large firms, who have relocated many of their corporate headquarters downtown, are now providing better pay for remote employees. As a result, some employees may not have to commute every day.

Public transportation.

In big cities, the public transit system offers a viable mode of transportation and coping with traffic and parking. To reach where you need to go, cities offer trains or subways, buses, and lots of taxis and ride-sharing drivers. Numerous public transit choices, such as the bus and rail, are inexpensive and eliminate the need to drive. In most large cities, living without a car is doable.

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Drawbacks of Urban Living

High living cost.

When individuals consider relocating to a city, the first negative that comes to mind is the greater expense of living. The living expenses in major cities is always greater than in the outlying towns, and places like Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya consistently have the highest expenses of living in the Malaysia. Normal living expenditures, such as rent and utilities, are greater in major cities, and you may have extra rent and bills, such as parking permits and laundry, that you wouldn’t have in the suburbs. In large cities, food, beverages, cigarette goods, and petrol are all more expensive.

Availability of space.

When you move from the suburbs to the city, you nearly always have to downsize your living quarters. The majority of people in big cities live in flats, which may be rather tiny in some cases. It’s also uncommon to have an outside space, such as a yard or patio. There are homes in major cities, some with large yards, but they are far more expensive than those in the suburbs. You must realize that if you wish to relocate to the city, you will be living in a flat complex with neighbours on the other side of your walls.

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