Tips For A Great Time In Bed For The First Timers.

Tips For A Great Time In Bed For The First Timers.

The first night together in bed could be scary for some first timers. It is hard not to, especially if you are doing it with a partner you love and you are nervous that you are going to hurt them. However, there’s nothing much to worry about since there are lots of people who ended up feeling hilarious that they felt so nervous before their first time when it’s nothing to be scared about. Despite people saying that people who like having sex can be considered a pervert, that is far from the truth. Do you know sex even have health benefits as a good orgasm can give you a deep sleep and relax your mind from overdrive? Sex is not all about pleasure and desire, but also about the trust you have between your partners. It is a great way to bond and increase your communication skills, especially if you are not married yet. Hence, banish the thought where sex is not a good thing and embrace the positive sides of it instead.

Now, let’s see some of the tips for the first timers for a great time in bed.

Ask For Consent

Sometimes, it is possible that your first time sex have been planned by both you and your partner. This is good as it means that the both of you will be ready when the time comes. However, there are also times that you both might come home drunk from a party and the desire to please your partner might arise. The most important thing about having sex is to ask for consent. Do you know that having sex without the consent of your partner would be defined as an act of rape and law actions can be taken against you? This is how important consent is no matter how long you have been in a relationship with your partner. So make sure you ask for consent whenever you want to have sex with your partner.

Don’t Forget The Aftercare

Another important thing you should make sure you do on your first time having sex is the aftercare. This is because having an aftercare session after sex will help your partner to feel like they are loved and you are not there just for sex. Besides, a good aftercare is a way for you both to bond and check on each other as you clean each other and have a good cuddle after. Simply ignoring your partner after sex and going to sleep will be cold to them and it might not even be comfortable for you to sleep. Thus, take some time after sex to clean each other and at least change the bedsheet before going to sleep. This will make your first time a nice experience.

Use The Aid Of Sex Toys

It is not impossible that your partner might have never masturbated before her first time with you in bed. This means that they might be nervous as they have no idea how sex might work and the idea of someone touching their privatebregion might be uncomfortable for their first time. What you can do is you can bring sex toys in order to spice up your sex session. Letting them masturbate using the aid of sex toys like dildo or vibrator will be a good start for your sex. This will get your partner used with the idea of sex and they will loose up around you. You will have a better time in bed for your first time when your partner is super comfortable with you.


All in all, the first time might be scary but there is actually nothing to be nervous about. You will get used to it as you continue having a healthy relationship with your partner, especially after marriage. Do you know that after care session after sex will be a good way for you as husband and wife to keep up with each other when you have children? This is because you could massage each other and in some cases, comfort your wife’s sore and cracked nipples due to breastfeeding by using lansinoh nipple cream. It is a good way to maintain a long and happy relationship as a couple.

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