Tips on Creative Signage

Tips on Creative Signage

Sometimes you come across an outdoor ad or sign that is just awful to look at, from bad fonts, clashing colours to an overload of information on a small space in which you find difficulty in reading. These mistakes can have grave consequences on efforts to promote something. You may be offering the best product with the best prices, but with the wrong kind of signage, no one will know about it!

Signage as a form of advertising is very beneficial, so it is imperative that you get it right. But to do so, you need to plan out the design taking into account many aspects and asking yourself:

Is this eye-catching?

Is this nice to look at?

Will this be effective in the space it is in?

Is the font clear?

And so on.

Here are some tips in which you can take into account when you design signage.

The right fonts

Fonts can spell the difference in professionalism and un-professionalism. Choosing an easy-to-read, clear font is the right step to take when designing as a sign. Most professional firms use bold and black fonts. Bolding the font for certain words can place emphasis on that word to help deliver your message.

It should also be noted that you should not use more than two fonts on sing, that would just look ugly and off-putting, that is unless your ad design is like that of course. Following basic grammar rules is good too if you want to be professional. This means correct spelling and using capital letter where needed. 

Good Visibility

When it comes to signage design, the less the better. You must also deliver your message in a sort form, so it can get the message across more quickly in a first glance. Adapt to the size of your sign when you create the design. For example, if it is small, more effort must be done to make it stand out more while retaining the quick message. You must also ensure that there are no other obstacles blocking your sigh too when you put it up.

Do not Clutter Up

Clutter on your sigh is the best way to get people to NOT look at it. No one likes to see a mess! Good signage is clear in both ways, design and text. When is a sign is cluttered with more texts than it should have, it will be hard for people to read it? 

When designing a sign, there will still be unused spaces, these are called “white-spaces”. Now, it may be rather tempting to fill in those spaces, but you should not give in to the temptation. Usually, around 30 to 40 percent of white-space on the sign should be left as is. 


Borders! They are important as they can actually help to increase the speed of reading by 25 percent. Full-colour photos integrated into your sign can also achieve greater effectiveness, along with logos and various other graphical elements.

Choice of Colours

Ensure that the colours you choose do not obstruct the message or text you have on the sign. A bad example of two colours to use would be a dark red background and black text, it will be hard to read. Colours that work well are black in contrast with light coloured text and vice versa. For example, black background with white text or white background with black text.

When there is more contrast between the two colours, the more readable the sign is. 

Seek the help of Professionals

Say you are still struggling? Perhaps you are too busy with other logistical tasks and won’t have time to focus on the design aspects of your sign, well worry not as there are professional signage makers to help you out. They will be able to assist you in the aspect of the design to ensure its full effectiveness and they will even help you put it up where you want it.

And those were some tips you can adhere to when designing a sign for your outdoor advertisement!

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