Why Study Entrepreneurship

The story of entrepreneurship teachers who received testimonies from students who initially did not understand the reason for the subject being included in the curriculum is recurrent and who later realized that it was one of the most important for their professional training.

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It is through the study of entrepreneurship that it becomes known that school life is not limited to obtaining a diploma that can guarantee placement in some future job.

First, the Widad college diploma does not offer this guarantee, but the competence acquired.

Second, employment is an increasingly difficult word to use.

Finally, the guarantee of placement in the job market depends on a series of circumstances, coincidences and attitudes such as professional competence, relationship skills and individual commitment.

When studying entrepreneurship, interesting inroads are made in other areas of human knowledge such as personal and organizational behavior, human resources, communication, ethics, marketing, and bachelor of Islamic finance, etc.

Studying entrepreneurship allows you to discover the difference that exists between entrepreneur and entrepreneur and learn that not every entrepreneur is an entrepreneur but every entrepreneur, to be successful, needs to be an entrepreneur.

In order to be successful as an employee, everyone needs to become an entrepreneur in order to transform the difficulties of the path into possibilities for promotions and personal growth being one of these ways, seeking to become indispensable within the organizational structure in which they are inserted.

Another advantage of studying entrepreneurship at school is having the opportunity to know what a Business Plan is and then, in professional life, to be familiar, aware and qualified for its preparation, elaboration and detailing.

It is the same paradox that is observed when, in order to escape unemployment, an entrepreneur starts a new business and soon, with his own growth, ends up providing the generation of new jobs for assistants that will allow and enable this growth.

By training entrepreneurial professionals, schools will be offering the market, employees more capable of making a profit for their employers, and that is everything that any entrepreneur dreams of opening or developing his own business.

There is already a certain trend in a large number of schools, from elementary school, through high school and even reaching higher education, in offering their students with subjects related to the theme of entrepreneurship, and everything leads us to believe that this trend is irreversible, which is very good.

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