Baby Checklist

Baby Checklist

You just find out that you are pregnant! That is fantastic news, all of your family members must be thrilled. Now you need to be prepare, you are becoming a mom soon! You must be clueless about what to buy and what not to buy. I mean yeah sure you’ll want to buy all of those cute things you see, but is it important? 

 products for babies in Malaysia

Here are some tips on what item you should definitely have on your baby checklist. 

1. Comfy Clothes

I get it, you will want to buy every single clothes that you see in the store, all of those cute and small clothes with adorable patterns. But your baby will grow in a blink of an eye and suddenly they wouldn’t be able to fit in those cute clothes anymore. So to save your money and also space in your wardrobe, you can stock up in some comfy clothes items like onesies, mittens, a couple of t-shirt and pants, and also socks to keep your baby warm. As your baby grows sure you can add some dresses, fancy-looking onesies, and those cute boots. But when they are newborns you might want to wait for a little while. 

2. Baby Crib 

Baby crib is definitely a must item, whether you want to buy the foldable one or the build in one. There are a lot of reasons why you need to invest in a good baby crib, for example, you want to be able to use it for a long time and you would also want it to be comfortable for your baby. Putting your baby in the crib will lessen the chances of SIDS or suffocation. Baby is fragile, especially when they are a newborn. You’ll want to be cautious around them to make sure that they are safe. 

3. Baby bathtub

Giving a bath to a baby for the first time can be scary, especially when they are so small and you don’t know how to hold them properly while cleaning them up. Having a suitable baby bathtub can help that. Just fill the bathtub with warm water and gently use a washcloth to wipe your baby with it. You can use soap if you want to, but make sure it is baby-friendly. This is because babies have very sensitive skin and harsh ingredients can be harmful to their delicate skin. The bath doesn’t have to be a long time, just to clean the baby and make sure they are comfortable. 

4. Stroller

It is important to have that morning vitamin D and also that fresh air for you and your baby. Well to carry your baby around can be quite a handful, having a stroller will be easier for you, and also your baby will definitely be comfortable. Buy a stroller that you can easily fold and unfold to store in your car or your living space. Besides that, having a stroller can also protect your baby from the harsh sunlight whenever both of you are outside. 

Having a baby is a fun and beautiful journey, every step you take together will be a learning and a memorable experience for both of you. You will want to create the best memories to ensure that your baby is getting the best care that you can provide. These are some products for babies in Malaysia, that will definitely be beneficial for you and your baby. 

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