Broadband: how does it work?

Broadband: how does it work?

Contrary to what is commonly thought, connections that take advantage of broadband are not physically faster, but can be considered more capacious: on the same cable as the old telephone twisted pair, originally designed for telephone communication and then later exploited also for Internet connections are able to travel much more information than the old narrow band.

The meaning of broadband is in fact to be found in the greater bandwidth compared to those used in the past, which allows more signals to travel that use the same cable, but crammed more effectively than dial-up connections.

Broadband installation

The installation of the devices that allow a fast internet connection, however, must deal with some historical problems due to the type of cabling.

The fast internet is not the prerogative of everyone nor within the reach of every home for a very simple reason: although the installation of the traditional telephone twisted pair in Italy was capillary, to allow anyone to take advantage of fixed telephone services, part of the facilities date back to the late 1960s.

In addition to being a rather antiquated type of cabling, over the years copper could have undergone significant deteriorations that significantly compromise the quality of information transport in telecommunications.

For some years there are been hearing about fiber connection : it is a new type of cable used for data transmission, which exploits the properties of a very thin glass cable capable of carrying light signals faster and more effectively than copper.

Furthermore, the so-called optical fiber is very flexible and requires less maintenance than copper, resulting in a more demanding cost than traditional systems.

Ultra-broadband connections, i.e. those in optical fiber, however, have different declinations, including the best known:

FTTH , Fiber-to-the-home;

FTTC , Fiber-to-the-cabinet.

The most common system today when it comes to ultra-broadband unifi lite coverage, on the other hand, is a hybrid, which involves the use of fiber optic cables on the primary network up to the cabinet, where the signal is transformed to travel on the copper cables of the secondary network, and reach most homes by providing internet access.

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