Choosing Essential Choices of house for sale in pj

Choosing Essential Choices of house for sale in pj

What advice do you have for us to choose your next apartment or house? We stay tuned. It’s a move like no other. A decision more frequently made out of necessity than choice. When home support is no longer possible, the retirement home is most often the last rest. So how do you choose the right retirement home? What criteria should be taken into account?

In general, people enter a retirement home around the age of 84, and stay there for an average of two and a half years. The retirement home often becomes the last resting place. It is therefore crucial not to be wrong. Before choosing, you need to take your time and ask yourself the right questions about house for sale in pj and subang jaya condo.

Choose the right type of establishment

There are several accommodation solutions:

  • The autonomy residences or service : these are private homes associated utilities
  • The nursing homes , institutions for the elderly and therefore medicalized
  • The USLD, units of long-term care, they are backed by a hospital dedicated to chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s , cancer

 Then you have to ask yourself if you prefer a purely private structure, which will be managed most often by commercial companies, or a private non-profit establishment which is attached to a foundation or an association. You can also choose a public institution.

The price of retirement homes

The choice of establishment will also depend on your level of resources. It is estimated that a retirement home costs on average 2,200 dollars per month. But there are significant disparities depending on where you live.

In addition, retirement homes are very poorly reimbursed, hence the importance of resorting to aid. The main one, being the APA, personalized autonomy allowance. You can receive it from the age of 60, and the amount varies depending on the degree of dependency and income. APA is paid every month with no time limit. ASH, social assistance for accommodation, is paid by the department. To benefit from it, you must have exhausted all your savings, assets and real estate.

The criteria for choosing a retirement home

The retirement home is a place of life. The first criterion of choice is where you want to live (near your home, your landmarks, your traders and friends or near your family, your children and grandchildren?). Then, the second criterion is the price (how much can you put?). Depending on these two criteria, you can go to price comparators put online by the Ministry of Health.

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