Drainage System On A Flat Roof

Drainage System On A Flat Roof

In recent years, flat roofs have become very fashionable in modern residential buildings. Although they were already used in industrial buildings, so over the years it has been seen that this type of roof also needs rainwater evacuation facilities. Although there are many who think about the advantages and disadvantages, as in relation to the cleaning of the gutters or the use of space. 

Reasons to channel rainwater from a flat roof

There are many reasons for installing rain ducts that evacuate water from a flat roof. These are the main ones:

  • Prevents mold growth from continuous moisture build-up.
  • Prevents erosion of the roof surface.
  • Protects the building against the proliferation of insect pests due to the presence of water.
  • It helps to preserve the facade of the building.
  • It acts to stop the general deterioration of construction.
  • It avoids the appearance of humidity both on the ceilings, as well as in the houses and foundations of the building.

These are undoubtedly enough reasons to contact a top drainage system for roof Malaysia professionals and choose aluminum channels or any other material to carry out an installation. In case you have a flat roof without any drainage system.

Drainage systems on flat roofs

Once you are clear about the importance of making an installation to evacuate the rainwater from the roof, you must choose the type of assembly. There basically are three different options, although each one with its own peculiarities.

Internal drains. These are water pipes that collect rain through drains and transfer it inside the building for evacuation. They are the most common when installation is done at the same time as the building is constructed. 

Gutters. Without a doubt the best option when the building is already finished. You simply have to give the roof a certain inclination to make it easier for the water to pour into the channels. In this case, the options are also multiple, from placing a system of copper, zinc, or aluminum gutters.

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Scuppers. Although it may seem like the cheapest option, it can lead to serious complications in the long run. Scuppers are openings on the sides of the roof that allow water to fall down the façade and not accumulate on the surface. 

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