Going Green: Why Is It So Important?

Going Green: Why Is It So Important?

We have been in a climate change catastrophe for so long. Climate change has taken more than millions of lives. From the waves of the tsunami to the landslide, they are part of how climate change is disrupting our nature. It is not only natural disasters that are the only havoc. Climate change is raising the temperature, melting glaciers, destroying the wildfires, endangering species, restricting clean water supply, increasing drought, leaving people in poor health, and increasing the number of diseases.  

The list just goes on.

Our knowledge is not short of how climate change is destroying the place we call home. Even with the acknowledgment of the change, we are hesitant to make the necessary changes we desperately need to make. Going green is the biggest change we can make to our life. Going green and living a sustainable life makes all the difference whether we believe it or not. Our actions are responsible for the harmful emissions around the world, the reduction of the wildlife community, and the unnecessary amount of land, marine, and noise pollution. 

How many turtles do we need to choke? How many times should we watch a pigeon eat plastic on the road? How many times should we see monkeys loose on the street because they lost their natural habitat? And lastly, for long do we have our islands, polar bears, and human health disappear? 

It is not only the companies involved in oil and gas malaysia responsible for the preservation of human life, the orangutans, the rainforests, and the climate. We, ourselves as worldly citizens, are responsible for saving it.

Going Green Improves Our Health And Quality Of Life 

Our health and environment are things that are directly related to one another. Any harmful presence in our air, land, water can deteriorate our health drastically. The number of increases in Lung cancer is not only related to smoking but also the rising industrial revolution. Many small communities and minorities have been victims of chemical dumps in the rivers and water pollution. 

Going green can help everyone around us and ourselves lead a much healthier life. Life is full of quality and happiness. A life no longer filled with toxicity (Literally). A life lacking harmful products, unsustainable meat, and inorganic food can be good for our health. Many who went green reported improved productivity, better health, and an increased sense of accomplishment. 

Going Green Supports Our Economy 

When we support going green, we support our local businesses. The small businesses that grow their own produce, and hand-make their bags, make their meals free of chemicals, benefit from our choice to go green. When we support our local businesses and local produce it also has a direct impact on economic growth. When the economy grows, the overall health and development of the community continue to bloom and progress. 

Going Green Encourages And Empowers People Around You 

When one goes green, the other is also influenced by it. Whether someone criticizes your choice to go green or not, the more people join the green initiative, the more it empowers people to do the same. 

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