Healthcare Industry- Doctors v. Nurses.

The medical field is one of the most coveted fields in the world. It is highly competitive and incredibly demanding, but it does have its perks. However, it is necessary to note that not everyone who is fascinated or interested in the medical field should try to be a doctor. Not only is the duration of the formal education long, it takes years and years of training to become a specialist. 

More and more people are looking into the field of medicine every day and thousands enroll into medical school every intake only to be mentally scarred and drop out from medical school due to the lack of awareness when it comes to the medical field and the various professions it offers. 

Nursing is a very viable option for those who are interested in medicine but may find the formal education of a doctor somewhat intimidating and challenging. Nursing is not only a virtuous profession but it overall has more career options. A doctor can be a general practitioner or specialize in a specific field such as diagnostic medicine, oncology, surgery etc. A nurse is not limited by their specialization and can work in multiple departments of a hospital. 

Nursing requires less intensive education and allows pursuers to begin their medical career much earlier than doctors. In order to become a certified nurse, a candidate has to earn a diploma in nursing and take a certification exam. Upon passing, the candidate is allowed to practice within any realm of the healthcare industry. They may practice in traditional settings or they may become a travelling nurse, a track that many millennials and early gen Zs are following. 

Nurses are allowed to form a more intimate relationship with the patients. Doctors have to see multiple patients throughout the work week and hence are always in a hurry. Nurses on the other hand can form a more intimate relationship with the patient because they may be attending to a handful of patients only throughout the work week. Despite not being allowed to clinically diagnose patients, prescribe drugs, or perform invasive surgeries, a nurse’s ability to gain a patient’s trust and then maintain it is a vital part of any medical procedure. In order to do so, nurses have to form a strong bond with their patients. This also allows them to advocate for the said patient’s health.

Nurses are also the first point of contact when it comes to healthcare related matters. They take a patient’s history and overall spend more time with the patients than doctors do. As a result of this, nurses can closely monitor the administration of medicine and how the medication affects the patient. This allows them to be the first one to recognize if something is amiss. Due to this they are able to act quickly and save the patient’s life by fixing the misstep. 

Nurses’ contribution to the healthcare industry is indelible. However, there is an acute shortage of qualified professional nurses. This shortage stems from people’s lack of understanding of the fact that the medical field is made up of more than just doctors. 

There are many nursing colleges in Malaysia. One such college is the Widad University College.  The diploma in nursing offered by the faculty of nursing in Widad University College is one of the more successful programmes in the country. What started as a joint venture between Universiti Teknologi Mara in 2007 has evolved into one of Widad’s most prestigious programmes. They are actively looking for students who are passionate and enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming future nurses. 

Nursing is not only a noble pursuit, but is also a highly rewarding career which would allow one to be a part of the healthcare industry without going through the ten years of formal education and training only to be able to practice in a very specific and niche specialization.  

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