Internet And The Basic Ideas for You

Internet And The Basic Ideas for You

A byte is a set of 8 bits. Today, computers are able to calculate over multiple bytes, the very first computers could only calculate over 1 byte at a time and with that, you need a good Internet connection which this link offers the best unifi 300mbps package. As you have to understand its potency, you need to know the following.

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If you are wondering, why is my operating system (Windows 95, XP, Vista, 7, 10 etc) 32bits or 64bits? This represents its ability to calculate, manage information:

  • 32 bits: the computer is able to calculate 4 bytes of 8 bits at a time (4 bytes x 8 bits = 32 bits
  • 64 bits: that the calculation 2x faster, i.e. 8 bytes of 8 bits at the same time (8 bytes x 8 bits = 64 bits)

One Byte

A byte is a term in English for a byte, so quite simply:

1 Byte = 1 byte = 8 bits

Also, remember that we always write the byte values ​​with a capital “B”,

Thus 1GB = 1 GB but never 1 Gb

ko, Mo, Go, To, Po, Eo, Zo, Yo

Are you lost with all of these terms? Don’t worry, we were too before we inquired, it’s actually quite easy to understand you will see! Let’s start at the beginning, everything that is ko, mo, go etc. are units of measurement in computer science. Exactly like the litre, or the meter: you certainly know that 1 kilometre = 1000 meters, well it’s the same in computer science.

1 kb equals 1 kilobyte, so? Yes, you guessed it = 1000 bytes. We do not often go over miles to measure distances, but given that in computing, techniques and components evolve rapidly, computers are more and more powerful, it was necessary to increase the units of measurement.

Namely: there are two standards when it comes to units of measurement in computer science. The one I just explained to you above and another used in the old systems is still quite widespread. According to this standard, one kilobyte = 1024 bytes, 1 Megabyte = 1024 KB and so on. But don’t worry, regardless of the standard, the difference between the 2 standards is small (around 6% in GB).

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