Keyword Trick in SEO – Getting Strategic with Search Volume

Keyword Trick in SEO – Getting Strategic with Search Volume

Keyword Trick in SEO

The most important tricks that each, and every web owners need to learn is the keyword research in the search engines optimisation. With the right strategy, the owners can rule the search volume by seasons, location and competitor. Before that, you need to understand that your search terms have to relevant to your website, and it should correspond to the search volumes. Apart from that, you also learn about your competitors strategic. Here the three main keywords that you have to pay attention to in SEO Malaysia:

Keywords by competitor

You have to pay attention to all the keywords that you are most likely to compile, eliminate, and give it a run. You might ask why? It is to make your keyword ranked and prioritise. Most of us, have competitors, and we have to tackle down the keywords that already being used by the competitors and take advantage of the keyword that the competitor has missed.  It is known as an aggressive strategy called the latter. This tricks is all about you make sure of the competitor’s “no longer in use keyword”.

Keywords by season

We are living in the world where every occasion in every season are meant to celebrate, during that time, the media and advertising companies will create such hype that makes people want to read, buy and use certain content and product. Eventually, it will become an advantageous seasonal trend in setting a content strategy. For instance, Black Friday sale usually starts to spike through the online worldwide even before Thanksgiving, so you have to prepare content before it begins, and you must give it a big push around those days.

Keywords by region

Keywords by regional use to target certain location strategically. That is why you have to narrow down your keyword research to a specific area, town, division, states or even countries in the Google Keyword Planner. You may also use Google Trends to evaluate the interest in a particular region. To make your content relevant to the targeted audience, you may use the Geo-specific with the right terminology for the specific location. For example, in Malaysia, the people preferred the term “roti canai” for the flatted bread while in Singapore they used “roti parata” to refer it where it is a different bread in Malaysia. Without SEO, it is nothing. Oh and also, the overall design will justify how “welcoming” to people.

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