No Compromise with the Best condo for rent in klang

No Compromise with the Best condo for rent in klang

Renting a condo for rent in klang has several economic advantages linked to the lower costs compared to buying the first home. In fact, the rent does not involve notary costs, even if the transcription of the rental contract protects both parties. This operation is carried out directly by the real estate agency and the cost is divided equally between the tenant and is equal to 2 per cent of the annual rent for the number of years of lease. 

Additional Options

In addition to the registration tax, the stamp duty is added which amounts to 16 euros to be applied on each copy to be registered. The tax must be applied on every 4 written sides of the contract or in any case every 100 lines. For rental contracts with an agreed rent, concerning apartment for sale klang located in one of the “high-voltage housing” municipalities,

For a three-room apartment in Klang, the monthly rent is between 1,700 euros and over 5,000 euros for a total area of ​​120 square meters. The annual fee can be between 20,400 and 60,000 euros, which should be compared with the annual cost of the loan (monthly payment multiplied by 12). 

Usually the rental contracts have a four-year term, renewable for another four years, unless canceled in advance:

The economic advantage of a condo in klang is that you do not have to have an important amount immediately. Usually three months in advance and three months as a security deposit are required which will be returned at the end of the lease. 

  • On the other hand, you do not own the house and any improvements must then be removed at the end of the lease, unless otherwise agreed upon which it is advisable to pay attention to and to establish them in the contract as well as any cost related to ordinary maintenance will be fully charged to the tenant. 
  • The seniority of the house and the condominium complex, rather than the general maintenance conditions, may require additional costs that will have a significant impact on the annual rent. Going to rent can be a temporary solution for young couples or families who, having sold their own home, want to take the opportunity with particular attention, 

Rent or does the first house appear?

Before deciding which step to take, it is advisable to evaluate one’s economic condition, the certainty of monthly income, the sustainability of the mortgage payment or the rent, a reasonable certainty of not having to change cities in the first years, the type of house suitable for your family unit for future years as well. Furthermore, the choice of the area is also important, favoring areas close to services, parks, schools. 

Therefore there is no better choice than the other; but it all depends on the factors indicated above, while at the same time taking advantage of the market conditions that are currently favorable on both the purchase and rental side of the property.

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