Things To Expect From Your SEO Agency

Things To Expect From Your SEO Agency

Need an SEO Agency?

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So, you are spending money to create your own website, then why don’t you invest the money to find a good agency to boost up your social platform by increasing the ranking in Google?

Before decide to do so, here are the things you should expect from your SEO Malaysia agency.

Things To Expect from an SEO Agency

The reason why most people will choose to do SEO instead of doing a different type of advertising is that SEO allows people to search organically with certain keywords on Google. Here are some tips for you to beware of the bad SEO agency.

First, your SEO agency do not ask you any questions at all. A professional SEO agency should pick up the responsibility by asking you about many questions regarding the purpose of your website. If you never receive any invite to be questioned, then how are they going to do the SEO for your website?

Second, they will always keep you updated. You can expect your SEO agency to contact you time by time. You SEO agency should always update you the status of the ongoing progress and in between you might receive extra offers from them as they will come out with some suggestion on improving your website’s ranking.

Third, no physical evidence to prove the positive result. You should expect improvement from your SEO agency from time to time. It is impossible of not getting any feedback from your website. If you are not seeing any progression, you should contact your SEO agency and ask them.

Fourth, it needs to be an equal give and take. Your SEO agency should not be selfish and will be willing to reveal to you their tactics and strategies on helping to boost your website.

It is totally suspicious when you ask them and they use different excuses by telling you they are too busy or even not picking up your call frequent.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t see any optimized anchor text from linkbacks. Usually this will happen when your website is not functioning properly. Your SEO agency should manage all these problems for your website. 

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