Types Of Plants You Can Grow In And Out Of Your Home

Plants are a great way to bring a breath of fresh air into your home. They allow a pop of colour in a home where the paint is only neutral such as grey and white. There are literally millions of plant species in the world, and you can’t deny some of them are to die for. You can have the majority of plants growing in your home excluding the exceptions of some plants dying due to weather. You can choose a good selection of plants to grow in and out of your home for the Malaysian tropical weather too. So here is our list for the plants you can grow in and out of your home.

The first is bonsai. Bonsai is a traditional plant grown in the eastern and western parts of Asia. They’re very much appreciated since the dynasty eras and have a rich history. The bonsai also have an affinity in soe cultures to be bad luck and bad feng shui. Despite all this, the bonsai is a popular plant to grow outside of home in potted plants as they are very symmetrical and very beautiful to look at. The plant’s branches don’t grow vertically but instead grows horizontally. The plants do turn pink during the spring as well imitating the well-known cherry blossom tree or better known a sakura tree.

The next plant you can grow is an aloe plant. Aloe vera are mostly known for their skin healing benefits instead of their beauty. The plant’s leaves are long pointy and just awkward but they do have a lot of benefits. If you have an affinity for skincare you would know that, aloe vera gel has cooling properties. You can get aloe vera gel yourself by simply cutting off aloe vera leaves and slicing them in the middle. You will find a gelatinous substance in the middle, most of us recognise as aloe vera gel. This gel has a lot of good properties when used on the skin and you can grow it at your own home.

You can also grow herb in your home. Herbs are a very much unknown plant you can grow in your home as well. When you buy herbs at the wet market or supermarket, you will find them relatively fresh but they’ll soon die out. To avoid food waste, you can take a mason jar or better known to us as a jar and put them in and fill it up with water. By doing so you can start your own mini garden from the comfort of your home. You can lay the jars out by the windows and pick the leaves whenever you feel like going to cook. Basil, mint, coriander, onions are just some examples of what you can grow in your own kitchen. 

If you have trouble thinking about what you can or cannot grow within your home to match the surroundings, you can always contact an Interior design company in KL so that you can consult and get your worries away. Plants are a great way for you to start your gardening journey and we hope you take all the tips we’ve shared to your own home and enjoy

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