Understanding Consumer Motivation For Successful Branding

Understanding Consumer Motivation For Successful Branding

A key to a good marketing and branding strategy involves a lot of things. Consistency, creativity, unique positioning, value, and personalization are all in a successful branding story. Let’s look at the way coca-cola reached the branding success it has now. The world can recognize the word coca-cola, even in the parts where it is not as popular. People who don’t drink it know the brand and people who frequently drink soda or carbonated drinks even refer to their drink as “coke” even though they are not drinking a coke. This is the effect of coca cola’s brand salience in people’s minds. 

Ofcourse, they did not reach this success overnight. It took years of small changes in their branding strategies and customizing it to their market segments to reach the level of success they have. They branded themselves with the same consistent message of “sharing happiness” around the whole world. And the only reason they managed to appeal to a wide range of audiences from different countries and backgrounds is only that they truly understood what the consumers wanted. They understood how people would react to certain types of messages and they understood what will get them moving to actually buy a coke the first thing in the morning.

So taking a lesson from Coca cola’s success, it is important that we understand the consumer before we solidify our branding. Without the insights of the customers, we cannot provide value and genuineness in the branding. Ofcourse, there are reasons more than value and success to understanding consumer motivation. Let’s take a look at some of the important benefits and significance of understanding consumer motives. 

Creating Customer Loyalty 

Creating custom loyalty is one of the biggest benefits of a successful branding campaign. There are people who will eternally love your brand and attach meaning to your brand as they grow with them. Apple is a good brand example of how customers are heavily attached to their brand. When we understand what moves our customers, and what their needs are we can work on making sure the brand is memorable, meaningful, and is truly beneficial to the customer. 

Reducing The Cost Of Customer Retention 

When we understand the customer, we are aware of their needs, demands, preferences, interests and even customer experience. When we understand their perception of your brand and their expectations of you, we can easily customize strategies and branding to make sure we provide more valuable experiences for the customer. These valuable data on customers and actually using them to build a brand is better than implementing a separate strategy to retain your customers. 

Curate Meaningful Branding Content

What are your customers’ expectations of your brand? And how can you completely beat this and make sure they are giving them better? How can you shift the brand image into something they can completely resonate with? The only way companies can do that is by creating branding content that is equally resonating, relatable for the customer. This improves customer engagement and it becomes mutually beneficial.

We are far from having the perfect branding strategy but we know what successful branding strategies created by top branding agency Malaysia has. They include the individualistic experiences of their customers in the branding by truly getting to know them! 

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