What To Do When You’re In Malaysia

What To Do When You’re In Malaysia

Are you a foreigner wondering what Malaysia has to offer? Or are you a regular Malaysian reading this because you’re looking to go somewhere but don’t know where? Never fear because we are ready to help you figure out where or what you should do when you’re in Malaysia. We’ll give you the best spots to vacation in as well as how to have fun when you’re there. Malaysia is a top tourist destination spot and roughly 26.1 million tourists in Malaysia vacationed in 2019.

Genting Highlands. A beloved spot by Malaysians and foreigners. It’s a haven for Malaysians who have tropical weather all year long. As the name says, the popular vacation spot is on a high hill. There, Genting Highlands is covered in a thick mist due to its high location and cool spot. It averages 23-26 degree Celsius on a normal hot day and can go down to 10 degree Celsius on a cool night. Besides that, Genting Highlands sports an online casino malaysia which is basically a normal casino. The casino is known to have hosted many famous events and gamblers but you have to be 21 and above to enter.

Langkawi. Another tourist favourite. What’s in Langkawi one might add? Well, nothing much besides the fact that everything there is duty-free. Duty-free means nothing is taxed. Yes, it is real. Cars are not taxed there but if you bring it out of Langkawi it will be taxed. So, don’t buy a car when you’re vacationing there. Not only cars but chocolates have become a fascination amongst people as none of them are taxed. M&Ms, Cadbury as well as Mars and every other chocolate band you think of is there and all of them are cheap. Malaysians flock to Langkawi just to get their chocolate fix as well so it’s no surprise that Langkawi is in the list.

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. Sabah is a very well-known spot among tourists. Located in Ranau, the mountain is known as the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. The mountain sits comfortably at a nearby dairy farm where tourists can enjoy themselves whilst visiting Mount Kinabalu. Adventurous visitors can also try their luck by hiking up the mountain but be sure to not throw rubbish on the mountain. Mount Kinabalu has not been the only mountain polluted by fellow hikers so we should all play our parts by keeping the mountain clean and safe.

Kuala Lumpur. The state itself is a tourist destination. Kuala Lumpur now sports two of the tallest buildings in the world. Furthermore, it is home to the National Zoo as well as the infamous Petrosains. Children usually have a great time in Petrosains as well as curious people who are eager to learn. casino slot online malaysia hosts some traditional aspects of Malaysia such as night markets like the Connaught Night market which are very famous.

So, if you’re a foreigner looking forward to a good vacation in Malaysia, you picked the right spot. Malaysia is a jewel in the South-east Asian countries that is probably not very well known but should be. Consider the suggestions above and maybe walk around to your nearest hawkers shop for a more Malaysian experience. Happy Holidays and have fun.

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